17 thoughts on “Labour – Still Expecting Loyalty

  1. kenny graham

    Prepare to be let down then just as the labour party have been letting the people of Scotland down, you deserve no loyalty or respect from anyone for your party’s betrayal of us before & after the referendum !

  2. David

    She has got this back to front! We are not there to serve any party! They are there to serve US! she clearly thinks that the people are there to enable them to get on in life!!! Get a grip you deluded halfwit! You think that the people are there to furnish your party with the trappings that you have not earned!

  3. Roddy Mckendry

    Labour have let themselves down and have betrayed not only the Scottish people, but the basic principles on which the Liebor Party originally stood for.

  4. urbanshadow777

    Labour betrayed the working men and woman of Scotland then they have the cheek to say we let them down! How dare they! Labour are dead in Scotland and its of their own doing. Now how about they just shut up and go away like they told the 45.

  5. Sandra

    Labour has been letting us down since Blair was in power. Please, spare us the reverse psychology! Scotlands learnt a lot whilst labour was sleeping with the tories.

  6. ronnie porter

    Katy Clark , how DARE you , insult Scotland by saying that we let you in the Labour Party down …It’s YOU and the Labour Party that let Scotland down , you lied and were deceitful to all of us …You and your party are not even a proper political party here in Scotland …If you care to look up the Labour Party’s constitution , you’ll find your Labour Party is NOT recognised as the Scottish Labour Party , but it is recognised under your own constitution as quote = ”an Accounting Unit ”’ and anyone elected to be their Leader is just the Leader of the Labour group , and not the Scottish Labour Party , which does not exist …look under ” Labour in Scotland ” ..on google …Katy Clark ….Aa all the comments on here have stated …Labour’s bum’s oot the windae et the GE ……You and your party more than deserve all your going to get …..SAOR ALBA…

  7. Jim

    We’ll see who let you down next may. But i would be looking to all your lying, two faced, hypocritical Scottish MP’s right now, for they will be no more after it.

  8. ellie trainer

    It was a leaflet during the referendum that locked in my hatred for the Labour Party. No positive case, no respect for Scotland’s needs and blatant conservatism. They are the party of NO change.

  9. Peter Brady

    Scotland let Labour down. How dare you Labour betrayed Scotland pure and simple. Labour could have stood on its own and campaigned for a No vote but instead you stood on a Tory platform and told Tory lies. Then had the audacity to party with Tories after crushing a working class grassroots movement. If you cannot justify sipping champagne and partying with Tories you are in the wrong party and if you can justify it then you are in the wrong party. Remember this well Labour the Blue Tories were once the biggest party in Scotland too. Scotland does not forgive and does not forget those who betrayed us. The sooner the Scottish people de-seat you and close the Scottish branch party of the Red Tories down the better we will be.

  10. Oscar Dilettante

    In the same breath she tried to re-frame the general election debate as “a choice between Labour and the Tories”.
    Do not let them get away with it.
    What shemeans is; “you can have any government you want, as long as it’s tory”

  11. hugo

    Scotland could let red torys down remind me who stood side by side with blue torys who was it that thought standing with nf would be a good thing dont dare say scotland let you down labour did the letting down to the people of scotland


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