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What about us?

The EVELs of fox hunting

The prime minister has been forced to withdraw the vote to relax the law on the abhorrent blood “sport” of fox-hunting in England and Wales over fears that his government would be defeated due to the 56 SNP MPs’ declaration that they would vote against the government. But the vote hasn’t gone away, it is merely postponed until the tories rig the voting system in the UK parliament and turn Scotland’s MPs into second class ones with their EVEL plans.

The whole of the right-wing establishment were convulsing with rage. UKIP deputy leader, Paul Nuttall MEP said, “We should throw Sturgeon in front of a hunt horse for Pankhurst day.” Now when the deputy leader of a political party issues death threats against the leader of another political party you would expect that to be news wouldn’t you? Of course you wouldn’t, because you know that the right-wing media of the UK, including the BBC, only tell the SNP bad narrative. But let one pro-independence Twitter user say a bad word and we would have the whole media circus calling for heads to roll.

The story was presented from another angle by the MSM, giving it the usual SNP bad spin. Take this piece from the billionaire Barclay brothers owned Daily Telegraph –

David Cameron ‘must strengthen Evel plans to stop SNP maintaining ban on hunting in England’

The current proposals for EVEL would still allow the SNP to thwart the government because of the “double majority” which would be required to pass such laws. Now the prime minister will be forced to amend the EVEL proposals due to pressure from his blood thirsty back benchers who love to watch animals being ripped to pieces by a pack of dogs. Liam Fox MP even said, ” if the SNP were allowed to vote on English hunting legislation then it would not be worth proceeding.” Get that, he wants the SNP to be banned from voting in the UK parliament altogether! I’m sure that we can expect the EVEL proposals to be made much more restrictive, thus driving a stake into the very heart of the union. Just as the SNP envisioned.

I believe that the SNP were right to say that they would vote against this relaxation of the fox-hunting law. It shows that they are engaging in the politics of the UK, as they were elected to do. I’m sure that their stock will have risen amongst the vast majority of the UK population over this principled stance. What they need to do now is to continue in the same vein and ban all blood sports in Scotland. The idea that rich people will be paying to come here on the “glorious twelfth” to blast the crap out of our native wildlife sickens me. Let’s keep this ball rolling.



The good, the bad & the ugly

Phew, what a night folks! It was one of those nights, the reverberations of which will be felt for centuries to come. Our children, our children’s children, and those still to come will look back upon this day and rejoice. Well they may rejoice, that all depends upon what we do with the gains that we have made. But first we have to understand what it is that we have achieved.

The Good

We have achieved the unthinkable, we have all but wiped out the unionist parties in Scotland. All of those familiar faces will now be Better Together seeking new opportunities, hopefully they will find some gainful employment, we wouldn’t want them to become a burden on the state again now would we. As the saying goes: we have more nuclear armed submarines in Scotland than MPs willing to vote for them.

We, as a nation, have elected 56 SNP MPs to the Palace of Westminster. That is incredible, I can’t quite get my head around it but it has happened. We have been battered and bruised by all that the establishment machine could throw at us, but we have endured. Now we can stand tall and say to the government in Westminster, “We, the people of Scotland, have spoken. These MPs are our gift to you.” The government in Westminster ignores our gift at their peril.

When they get to Westminster, we hope, our new MPs will represent our interests. Not trot through each division blindly following the whip, but faithfully represent the will of the Scottish people regardless of party loyalty. That’s what we expect from our new MPs. Nothing less will be acceptable. If our new MPs want some inspiration, look at the fate of Jim Murphy. See what happens when you neglect the electorate and are blinded by your own arrogance.

There’ll be no fiddling of expenses, no fiddling with children either. There’ll be no lying to the people of Scotland, no weasel words. We want our representatives to show the rest of them how a proper MP behaves, to act as a lead for the rest of the UK to follow. We want our MPs to oppose all austerity and to work with like-minded others to achieve that end. We want them to state the case, faithfully, for a new type of government. One that listens to the people and does as they ask. If they do all that, then our progeny may have the opportunity to rejoice. Let’s not squander this chance, we have waited 308 years for it.

The bad

Unfortunately, while the SNP were sweeping the board in Scotland, the tories were winning a slender majority across the UK by winning big in England. Make no mistake, this government is an English government. It is made up of 319 English MPs,11 Welsh MPs and a single Scottish MP. It has a majority in England only. It does not speak for the people of Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. It is a UK government in name only.

On past performance we can expect the tories to continue to pursue the most vulnerable in our society. They will cut the safety net, which our forbears bequeathed to us, and sell off the choice pieces to their rich friends. They are a party of the rich for the rich. They have no interest in you or I. Profit is king and if you’re not making money then you are of no use. There’s is a poisonous, selfish ideology and the people of England will come to rue the day that they gave them a mandate to dismantle the welfare state.

During the election campaign they vilified the people of Scotland. They portrayed them as thieves. They told the English that it would be completely unacceptable for the Scottish people to have any say whatsoever in the running of the UK parliament. They made us out to be foreign insurgents, not of their country. So now is the time for them to reap their bitter harvest. They have made the gallant 56 persona non grata in the UK parliament.

They told us that they wanted us to have a strong voice in the UK parliament. But the problem is that the UK parliament does not exist in the eyes of the English tories. The parliament in Westminster is an English parliament in their eyes. It’s their own personal fiefdom. The rest of the UK can participate in name only, like Victorian children, being seen but  not heard.

If the tories have their way the Westminster parliament will become the de facto English parliament and all non-English MPs will become second class, at least more second class than they are already.

The ugly

This is the part where the dirty stuff is. We have to keep our eye on the goal which is the independence of our country. The SNP has NO mandate for a second independence referendum at the moment, it is not on the cards. Neither is a Universal Declaration of Independence, there is no way that such a declaration would have international legitimacy. If we are to have independence then this must be won through the ballot box. This can be achieved in a number of ways, some quicker than others. Let’s take a look at each scenario.

  1. The tories pursue the path of EVEL, making all non-English MPs second class in the UK parliament. This would be contrary to the Act of Union 1707 and could legally be challenged as such. It would have to be taken to an EU court since no court with a crown on the back wall would back our case. But it could be done. More importantly the second class nature of the non-English MPs could be exploited for propaganda purposes, demonstrating to the rest of the UK how unfair the current parliamentary system is. Much could be made of this, however there is no immediate need for the tories to pursue this course of action since they have a working majority and EVEL was designed to neuter the Labour party (who have managed to achieve that themselves).
  2. The legitimacy of the English government could be mercilessly exploited, thus highlighting to the rest of UK how the English run the whole country to suit themselves. This would have the effect of encouraging nationalism in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This would be easy and our new crop of MPs should be doing this already (are they?). It is a big crack in the union, it can be opened to a fissure with relative ease. From a tory perspective this threat could be neutered by offering FFA or Devo Max. The SNP should take this path with extreme caution as I believe that the tories will place many traps along this route. It could be a stepping stone to independence, however I fear that we would end up stuck in that rut once we got there.
  3. The EU referendum, which the tories are committed to hold in 2017, could be exploited to a couple of ends. The first is to divide the tories, we know that the party is divided on the issue of Europe and this fact could play to our advantage. Votes with an European angle could be exploited to work upon the divisions within the tory party. Any European dimension will do, work at them from this angle. They are weak here. The second end is to encourage England to vote to leave the EU but the rest of UK to stay. The easiest way to achieve this is to promote UKIP in England but vilify them everywhere else. Crazy as this seems the tories feel vulnerable on their right. UKIP are THE reason why there will be a referendum in 2017. I could even see myself donating money to UKIP so that they can threaten the tories, now there’s a mad idea. For if the UK (England) votes to leave the EU but the rest of the UK votes to stay, then we have cause for another independence referendum. To this end, membership of the EU needs to be promoted as a beneficient thing for Scotland, Wales and NI. Perhaps EU funds could be unlocked for our farmers? EU funds could be made available for important infrastructure projects. We would need to have friends within the EU to achieve this, do such friends exist?

Enough for now, these are just some of my thoughts about how we could proceed and make the most of what we have. Hopefully I will have inspired others to have thoughts of their own. Lets get them out there.

Articles of Union

Illegal EVEL

The Act of Union of 1707 was the law which ended Scottish Independence and joined us to England from then until now. The law provides for a single parliament, Article 3 states: “THAT the United Kingdom of Great Britain be Represented by one and the same Parliament to be stiled The Parliament of Great Britain.”  This we know of course and the single parliament has persisted until the present day.

However Article 4 states: “THAT all the Subjects of the United Kingdom of Great Britain shall, from and after the Union, have full Freedom and Intercourse of Trade and Navigation to and from any Port or Place within the said United Kingdom and the Dominions and Plantations thereunto belonging; and that there be a Communication of all other Rights Privileges, and Advantages, which do or may belong to the Subjects of each Kingdom; except where it is otherwise expressly agreed in these Articles.”

Now here lies a thorny issue, for any reduction in the rights, privileges or advantages of Scottish MPs in said “Parliament of Great Britain”, such as is proposed with EVEL, would be in direct contravention of the Act of Union. Any such reduction would therefore be illegal.

What then?

Posh Tories

From EVEL to Independence

There’s an interesting piece in the Tory press tomorrow which is titled, “Ban Scottish MPs from becoming Chancellor, Tory MPs demand.” Just think about that for a minute, if these plans go ahead Scotland would never have a man in the UK Treasury again. Even though we would still be a part of the UK. But, why stop there? UKIP’s Nigel Farage said, “Ultimately if you can’t have people voting on English laws then you can’t have them holding senior office either.” I’m sure he speaks for a lot of other MPs too.

So that would mean that no Scottish MP would ever hold a position of authority in the UK Parliament ever again. How do you feel about that Scotland? Does that sound like representative politics to you? We would end up as second class citizens even though we pay the same rates of taxes. We would never have a voice at the top table of politics in this land. We would be unable to have any influence upon any decisions which directly affect our lives.

In more briefing of the Tory press apparently the Tories are pledging to stop Scottish MPs from voting on  English taxes, even though those decisions will directly affect the funding to the Scottish Government via the Barnett formula. It is clear that the Tories are ramping up the rhetoric over EVEL but they have not considered the effects on Scottish people, they are playing to an English audience.

Posh Tories

Posh Tories

So what are those effects? My prediction is that the people of Scotland will see each move against the voting rights and the rights to hold office in the UK Parliament as an affront. They will be disgusted with the rewards of voting to remain within the UK. They will move towards Yes and they will clamour for another referendum, which the Yes side would probably win.

But all of this is speculation. None of these things will happen if the Tories, of whichever flavour, don’t retain power in the next general election which would be a good reason not to vote for them or their cronies. But they will get in eventually, such is the joy of the two party political system in Westminster. What then?