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Miliband Chews Over the Next Scottish Labour Leader

(Last Updated On: 26th October 2014)

Ed Miliband is having a tough time deciding who is to be the next Scottish Branch Office Team  Leader. The UK Labour Party leader praised the former Team Leader, Johann Lamont, saying that, “She campaigned the length and breadth of Scotland making the case for social justice within the United Kingdom.”

The former leader said that some Westminster Labour MPs were “dinosaurs” who had failed to see that “Scotland has changed forever”. I wonder who she was thinking of? Was it the Dear Leader himself?

Her resignation comes at a time when the pro unionist Labour party should be riding high after the referendum result went their way. But by aligning themselves with the Tories in the Better Together campaign they have alienated themselves from their core vote, a substantial proportion of whom voted Yes. But she was only following orders. Like the time when she failed to criticise the bedroom tax for a whole year while Ed made up his mind if it was good or bad. That must have been a hell of a decision to make, I decided that it was immoral in about 5 minutes.

Nobody and Has Been

Nobody and Has Been

So who’s it going to be? Who will Ed pick? Well various names are being touted as you would expect. But I bet you didn’t expect our former Dear Leader Gordie Broon to be up there at the top of the list? The former Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister, who had the famous mantra, “No more boom and bust,” but presided over the biggest bust since the Great Depression, has been named as a possible candidate. I’m sure that the Big Beast o’ Fife would love to retire to Holyrood, the expenses are nay that great though.

Another name on Ed’s mind is Anas Sarwar. Ed has decided that he should be the caretaker leader for now but sending his son to the fee paying Hutcheson’s Grammar School is not likely to endear him to the majority of Scots. But I doubt that Ed would even think about that. Looking at his voting record he does appear to be Old Skool Labour, but he is New Labour through and through which should endear him to Ed. Yet another red tory.

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