Article 6 European Convention of Human Rights

European Convention on Human Rights, Article 6: Right to a Fair Trial

(Last Updated On: 30th October 2014)

Article 6 enshrines everyone’s tight to a fair trial, including a public hearing, before an independent and impartial tribunal within reasonable time. The article also enshrines the presumption of innocence and other minimum rights for those charged with a criminal offence, such as adequate time and facilities to prepare their defence, access to legal representation, right to examine witnesses against them or have them examined and the right to the free assistance of an interpreter.

Of course this has already happened with the introduction of the Justice and Security Act 2013 which means that you can be charged, tried, convicted and sentenced without knowing of any of the details of the case against you. You will not hear any of the charges against you. You will not get to know any of the evidence against you. You will not be allowed to be present in the court which decides your fate. You will not even hear what your sentence is. The first thing that you will know will be the police coming to your door to arrest you and place you in prison to serve your sentence.

This legislation is in direct contradiction to Article 6, which is probably why the Tories want to get rid of the Human Rights Act so they can chuck whoever they please into prison.

2 thoughts on “European Convention on Human Rights, Article 6: Right to a Fair Trial

  1. Avatarbryn

    This geezer wants to be aware that if he and his sort keep taking the piss they will be in a court without representation in the same as he would inflict on the working classes of this great nation.

  2. AvatarCharlie Hall

    Bryn, It’s getting really bad. However, what frightens me is that even if we get rid of these people from Parliament, they have so many connections in big business, they can still cause us all sorts of problems. Maybe a Russian style revolution is needed.


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