Spot The Bias

(Last Updated On: 10th December 2014)

Just a quick piece about the bias of the press. I know we have come to expect nothing less, however the way that the press treats the different political parties is getting beyond a joke.

Here is an article from the Press and Journal website about the 3 councillors who had a wee bonfire with some recycled Calman Commission paper.

The Press and Journal's story about 3 councillors

The Press and Journal’s story about 3 councillors

Here is a similar article about an Aberdeen City councillor who abused Mark McDonald MSP for promoting his campaign about autism (Mark McDonald’s son suffers from autism).

Press and  Journal article about an Aberdeen Councillor

Press and Journal article about an Aberdeen Councillor

Can you spot the difference? Why do the Press and Journal publicise the councillors’ party when they are SNP but do not when the councillor belongs to the Labour party?

The Press and Journal is owned by DC Thomson & Co., they also own:

So you can expect these rags to be at the same game. You may wish to reconsider where you place your cash the next time that you’re at the newsagent.

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