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Scottish Feudal Council meets in Holyrood

This post was going to be about the falling oil price and the Britnat gloating about the loss of 35000 jobs. Before that it was going to be about some kind of Jim Murphy, Deputy Dug thing and before that it was going to be about the plastic bag charge. However, Andy Wightman was tweeting about something so I clicked the link and lo, my world changed! For the subject of Andy’s tweets was none other than:

Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs’ Holyrood Palace Heirs’ Party

What the, what is that all about? You’ve got to check it out, for here is the Scottish feudal system stepping into the light. Coming out as it were. Having a jolly good time courtesy of the Duke of Hamilton in his apartments in Holyrood Palace. The Duke of Hamilton and Brando, to give him his full honorific title,  is the hereditary keeper of Holyrood Palace and bearer of the Crown of Scotland, which means that he is right up there with the Queen and junior only to the Duke of Rothesay (you may know him as Prince Charles). He is also one of only five British peers to hold multiple dukedoms.

Anyway, back to the soiree. The Earl of Elgin supplied the whisky, which was jolly decent of him. The 90 clan chiefs, their heirs and wives were piped into the palace by a piper, who was lucky to get a mention on the website, and they were welcomed by Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor who gave some of the free whisky to the piper then made a speech about how all of these peers need to get support from overseas because there’s precious little coming from the common folk of this land.

The aim of the party was to make all those present to feel part of a club, so that they would all act in concert to further their own aims and advance their enrichment at the expense of the people of Scotland. No doubt there were a few scowls and mutterings about those SNP rascals who proposed to regulate their estates but then they remembered that all laws in this land have to be signed off by the Queen, who is one of them, so there shouldn’t be a problem. She’s got their back as it were.

But I wouldn’t be so sure, more interventions by our supposedly impartial monarch into the affairs of the Scottish people would bring the institution into even more disrepute than it is already in. What we have to remember is that the Queen has all of the power in these lands, she is sovereign. That was a power that we held for a brief period on the 18th September 2014. You held it, I held it too. It felt good and I didn’t want to let it go. Now I want that power back, I will take it bit by bit if I have to but I still want all of it. I want to be sovereign again.