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Cameron Promises to Default on UK Debt

(Last Updated On: 24th October 2014)

The Prime Minister has promised that the UK will not pay it’s debt to the EU on the 1st December which would leave the UK in default. David Cameron said, “If people think I am paying that bill on 1 December, they have another think coming.” This will henceforth be known as the “Call Me Dave” defence so the next time HMRC come knocking, wanting you to pay your tax bill by such and such a date, you just have to tell them that your name is Dave and the problem will disappear. How do you think that will work out? Exactly, and the same thing is going to happen here.

The spat is designed to make the PM appear to be tough on the EU but the effect so far is to alienate our trading partners and neighbours as well as diminishing our global standing. Who is going to trust a country which does not pay its’ debts? As Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury and Tory Lickspittle, said during the Scottish Independence Referendum about the SNPs’ promise not to pay its’ share of UK debt, “The Scottish Government’s plan to renege on Scotland’s share of the debt in the event of independence is simply not credible. Mortgage rates would go up, credit cards and bills would go up and the Scottish Government would have to resort to the bond markets equivalent of Wonga to raise money to pay for public services in Scotland.”

So that’s it then, we can expect higher mortgage rates, credit cards and bills to go up and UK government will have to go cap in hand to Wonga to bail them out. Just because Dave want’s to appear to be tough on the EU. Just because the Tories are running scared from the UKIP threat. We’re definitely Better Together now then.

7 thoughts on “Cameron Promises to Default on UK Debt

  1. Avatarjo w

    This is his cheap option to get out of The European Union. Don’t pay your debts and they will throw us out? What a snake. Do we not get a VOTE as to pay or not to pay? Looks like the dictatorship is trying to do away with our vote to stay in Europe too. How dare he sully the good people of Scotland but a fine example to show us. and In the future Indyref Scottish “debt to Westminster” cant feasibly be brought out as a dramatic concern because we will just laugh in your face! Wake up you imbeciles who continue to support this DICTATOR!

  2. Avatarellonloon

    Incredible similarities with Scotland’s position in the UK and the UK’s position in the EU. only the UK has the curtesy of getting a bill from the EU. Westminster just takes Scotland’s money without even a thank you. then lies to us about being subsidised

  3. AvatarJames

    This just the start. He wants us out asap so as not to adhere to human rights act etc. This is so they can arrest people at will and subject others to continued surveillance to stop the riots that WILL happen in the UK once more “austerity” cuts kick in next year. The government has already invested in water cannons and other anti riot equipment too. Think about it. Theresa May has basically said that they will be arresting anyone who questions the establishment in a public place. Its the ultimate 1984 situation.

  4. AvatarSandy Abz

    One reason he wants us out is to join the TTIP on Westminster’s terms, They have already shown where their alliances lie – big corporations – and you and I will be fed the crumbs.
    When the TTIP is finished we will have lost around 80k jobs, have absolutely no control over food standards, our farmers will be shackled by the likes of Monsanto. Fracking will go uncontrolled, and the NHS will be completely in the hands of corporations that you will have to go cap in hand to for the most basic medical care.
    Don’t think this is scare mongering or exaggeration. The huge corporations are starting to feel a real push-back in the Americas so they are looking for other places to expand. The likes of the TTIP and PPT are the tools to allow them bulldoze through governments and empty our pockets.

  5. AvatarBarryTones

    all these government lackeys are under orders. if they don’t do exactly what they’re told, not only would they be out of a job but they would be ruined when all they’re porno paedo secrets hit the fan. Not a single MP elected from them would be my intention.


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