The Rt. Hon. The Baronness of Kennington

Let Them Eat Porridge

(Last Updated On: 8th December 2014)

Tory peer The Rt. Hon. The Baronness Jenkin of Kennington told the poor of the land that their plight was due to their lack of culinary skills, nothing at all to do with the Tories’ ravaging austerity programme. She even said, “I had a large bowl of porridge today, which cost 4p.”

Meanwhile in other news the erstwhile Anne Jenkin, to use her “common” name, sits on the Lords Refreshment Committee which spent £260000 of our money on 17000 bottles of champagne. Their total annual budget is £1.3 million, the equivalent of 32500000 bowls of porridge.

2 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Porridge

  1. AvatarJames Steele

    The Rt Hon The Baronness of Kennington,what would she know about cooking she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and talks as if is still there I dont think she would know how to boil water , the poor are suffering because of the attitude she has taken instead of fighting to help the ones in need of help only interested in there own future ,GREED

  2. AvatarLorraine

    What is there to say,so called middle class twats.why does she not make something else other than porridge for4p a day,I mean I assume her culinary skills are excellent,show all us on low budgets how to cook a variety of wholesome,varied ,nutritional,tasty meals for 4p,I’m sure the general public would be grateful of some advice.She probably puts the 4p on her expenses list.Politicians make me sick,they do not live in the real world(avery small minority to the job they are employed for),they are I it for status and wealth.At conferences etc they behave worst than kids,falling asleep,shouting/bawling,playing”candy crush”,these twats are supposed to doing the best for the “normal working man”.


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