Words from Limerick

(Last Updated On: 29th April 2015)

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’m doing some work down in Limerick in co Clare, Ireland at the moment. So it seems fitting to embrace the poetic form and apply it to #GE15. Here’s the first effort:

There was a Lib Dem called Justine

Who angered easily in hustings

She gave us a laugh

With gaff after gaff

And policies sadly lacking

Here’s another:

There was a candidate for Gordon

Who despised Alex Salmond

She lied to the voters

About tax cuts and pollsters

But soon she will be forgotten

And a wee one for Braden

Young Braden was Dame Begg’s tea maker

She promoted him to Ortsgruppenleiter

Nobody knew who he was

All he could say was soz

There’s no way he should give up the day job


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