"Scottish" Labour team photo. Courtesy of Thomas Nugent

The empty vessel

(Last Updated On: 3rd May 2015)

The old idiom says, “The empty vessel makes the most noise.” That is certainly true of Jim Murphy. I didn’t have time to watch the final leader’s debate, however I probably saw enough from the highlights which were dominated by the current Labour branch manager talking over everyone else.

When you consider how empty his party is, bereft of any dignity or honesty, it is little wonder that all that is left is to try to shout everyone else down. Is that really how to win voters over to your cause Jim?

Talking of honesty, have you seen the new Liberal Democrat election letter? I’m expecting mine to be hand delivered by Justine tomorrow. Maybe not, it’ll probably be one of the many local Lib Dem activists. Ok, ok, the good old Royal Mail (Ltd.) will be paid to deliver it on her behalf. Here’s her cry for help to deliver some Lib Dem lies through folks letter boxes. I’d imagine that all those Pouters will be rushing to the cause, Effie Deans leading the charge blowing her flute.

Justine  for help in her negative campaign

Justine cries for help in her negative campaign

So here’s the most recent election material from the Liberal Democrats:

LibDem Lies

LibDem Lies

So they try to make you think that Malcolm Rifkind wants you to vote Lib Dem “to block the SNP”. Which pretty much sums up their whole campaign, it’s been full of negativity and pure hatred of the SNP. Never anything positive, no policies, no initiatives, just anti-SNP bile.

You would have thought that the Lib Dems would have thought twice before using a partial quote from the discredited Rifkind. Remember that he was caught, along with Labour’s Jack Straw, allegedly selling their services to private companies for cash. Rifkind said that he operated “Under the radar” for a European company to get laws changed to suit that company, for which they paid him £60000. He was apparently offering his services for “somewhere in the region of £5,000 to £8,000” per day. Maybe not such a good person to have on your election literature.

The leaflet is very misleading as it does not say that it is campaign material from the Lib Dems. They’re obviously trying to catch some of the grey, tory vote with this ploy. The leaflet is printed in London, so more of the money from the rest of the country being siphoned off into what Lib Dem’s Vince Cable called the “black hole”. Double standards or what?

The photo of the empty Irn Bru bottles at the top of this piece is courtesy of Thomas Nugent.

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