Confessions of a Vile Cybernat

(Last Updated On: 27th June 2015)

Once upon a time there was a political party which stood up for the rights of the workers. It stood shoulder to shoulder with the men and women who strove every day against poor pay and poor working conditions. And the people were glad.

Then came Blair who wanted power above all else, he cosied up to big business and left the people behind. He brought us illegal war with sidekick Brown. Brown went on to bring us the biggest bust since the 1930’s along with Better Together’s Alistair Darling. And lo the people were sad.

Then they climbed into bed with the tories during the Scottish Independence referendum. It was the penultimate act from a party which had lurched so far to the right that Adolf would have blushed. The people despaired. Even a big hitter from London couldn’t save them with promises of booze at football and a bigot’s hymn sheet.

Their final act before they get completely annihilated at the Scottish Government elections is to produce a list of every Tweet which they didn’t like and publish it in the right-wing press, they have become the tories’ bag carriers. Instead of trying to re-engage with their former voters they have decided to alienate all of them. Kezia Dugdale’s dad must be so proud of what his daughter has become, a stooge for the Daily Mail.

What on earth do they think they are doing? Trying to attack the SNP with a list of dodgy Tweets isn’t going to work, the people who they are listing already vote SNP (probably). All they will succeed in doing is ensuring that those voters will never return. All for what? A few column inches on their masters’ organ. This really is the end.

I’m sure that we are all looking forward to our names in the papers again. If that is the price to be paid for being politically active, bring it on.

One thought on “Confessions of a Vile Cybernat

  1. Jimbo

    With their shameful dossier, Labour are not attacking the SNP. What Labour are doing is attacking ordinary people – the voting public. Rather than adopt policies that would attract these ordinary people over to voting for them, Labour choose instead to demonise and vilify them. Labour are acting more like puerile, vengeful brats rather than a grown up political party.


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