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The EVELs of fox hunting

(Last Updated On: 14th July 2015)

The prime minister has been forced to withdraw the vote to relax the law on the abhorrent blood “sport” of fox-hunting in England and Wales over fears that his government would be defeated due to the 56 SNP MPs’ declaration that they would vote against the government. But the vote hasn’t gone away, it is merely postponed until the tories rig the voting system in the UK parliament and turn Scotland’s MPs into second class ones with their EVEL plans.

The whole of the right-wing establishment were convulsing with rage. UKIP deputy leader, Paul Nuttall MEP said, “We should throw Sturgeon in front of a hunt horse for Pankhurst day.” Now when the deputy leader of a political party issues death threats against the leader of another political party you would expect that to be news wouldn’t you? Of course you wouldn’t, because you know that the right-wing media of the UK, including the BBC, only tell the SNP bad narrative. But let one pro-independence Twitter user say a bad word and we would have the whole media circus calling for heads to roll.

The story was presented from another angle by the MSM, giving it the usual SNP bad spin. Take this piece from the billionaire Barclay brothers owned Daily Telegraph –

David Cameron ‘must strengthen Evel plans to stop SNP maintaining ban on hunting in England’

The current proposals for EVEL would still allow the SNP to thwart the government because of the “double majority” which would be required to pass such laws. Now the prime minister will be forced to amend the EVEL proposals due to pressure from his blood thirsty back benchers who love to watch animals being ripped to pieces by a pack of dogs. Liam Fox MP even said, ” if the SNP were allowed to vote on English hunting legislation then it would not be worth proceeding.” Get that, he wants the SNP to be banned from voting in the UK parliament altogether! I’m sure that we can expect the EVEL proposals to be made much more restrictive, thus driving a stake into the very heart of the union. Just as the SNP envisioned.

I believe that the SNP were right to say that they would vote against this relaxation of the fox-hunting law. It shows that they are engaging in the politics of the UK, as they were elected to do. I’m sure that their stock will have risen amongst the vast majority of the UK population over this principled stance. What they need to do now is to continue in the same vein and ban all blood sports in Scotland. The idea that rich people will be paying to come here on the “glorious twelfth” to blast the crap out of our native wildlife sickens me. Let’s keep this ball rolling.


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