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John Swinney calls for the people to dictate the political debate

(Last Updated On: 29th November 2014)

At least that should have been the headline if they BBC weren’t so biased. Instead the lead with “Gordon Brown calls for Scottish politics to be ‘reset’.” In the piece the Big Beast allegedly “asked the SNP to explain how it will use the extra powers to be devolved to Scotland. In case he hasn’t noticed, NO POWERS HAVE BEEN DEVOLVED YET! How can anyone say how they will use powers which they may or may not get?

The King o’ Fife also allegedly said to the BBC, “Scottish politics has got to reset and Labour is pressing the reset button.” Now why would he say this? Is it because he thinks that the people of Scotland are like a computer? Press the reset button and all is forgotten and forgiven? I think not Gordie. The people of Scotland will never forget the way that Labour stood with the Tories and lied, bluffed and intimidated them. That is why they face electoral carnage in the general election and subsequently in the Scottish parliamentary elections. That is why he is standing down as an MP, because he is a coward. He is feart he will lose his seat to the SNP or some other pro-independence candidate. He also allegedly said, “The focus has got to move from the constitution to economic change.” Why is that then?

As the Deputy First Minister succinctly put it, “It is not for Gordon Brown, or any politician or party, to presume to dictate what the terms of political debate in Scotland should be – that is up to the people as it always should be, and they will have their say at the ballot box in May. Gordon Brown and the Labour leadership stood shoulder to shoulder with the Tories in the No campaign and now know they face paying a very high electoral price for that. It says it all that this speech was to a room full of Labour councillors – once again, Labour are having conversations with themselves and not with the ordinary people they claim to represent.”

Gordie Broon Tory Poodle

Gordie Broon Tory Poodle

Who do you think has his finger on the pulse of the people of Scotland?

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