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Duncan McPhee Says No Thanks

How Do You Feel Duncan McPhee?

Duncan McPhee is (or was) the Unite Shop Steward at the BAE Systems Scotstoun yard. During the run up to the referendum he went on Sky News with his Unite Shop Steward chums and came out in favour of a No vote warning that 10000 jobs could be lost if Scotland voted Yes. He even appeared on a No Thanks Poster:

Duncan McPhee Says No Thanks

Duncan McPhee Says No Thanks

He even visited the Imperial Masters down south: this from the Scottish Affairs Committee:

The Type 26 frigate contract represents the final part of the Terms of Business Agreement between BAE Systems and the MoD. (We discuss the TOBA more fully below.) Duncan McPhee, Unite Shop Steward, BAE Systems, Scotstoun, gave evidence to the Committee following a meeting between the shipbuilding unions and Peter Luff MP, Minister responsible for procurement at the MoD. Mr McPhee said:

The specific question that was asked to get the UK Government’s position on this was, “In an independent Scotland will we be allowed to tender for the contracts?” It was made quite clear that we would not because we will be a foreign country. I believe that under article 346, if they [the MoD] were considering placing that order in a foreign country, it would have to be opened up EU-wide and possibly worldwide. […] That, to me, would mean that, unless an independent Scottish Government could provide equivalent-type orders, we would be greatly reduced or completely finished as a shipbuilding industry.

The other Shop Stewards were Henry Wilson and Tam Mitchell. Henry also works for BAE Systems and Tam works for Rolls Royce, who recently announced 2600 job cuts.

Here is what Ian King, Chief Executive of BAE Systems had to say during the referendum campaign, “This shows clearly that, as we have previously stated, the only guarantee for the future of shipbuilding on the Clyde is for Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom.”

Changed days then readers. For now we find out that the Type 26 frigates could be built elsewhere. Maybe even not built at all.

So how do you feel about Duncan McPhee now? What about the union he, and his chums, represent? Do you still think it’s a good idea to pay them a subscription, knowing that they pay for the Labour Party?